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Our comprehensive training courses are designed to equip you with the tools you need to confidently handle a wide range of emergency situations. We provide First Aid training courses for businesses & groups as well as individuals. 

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Industries We Work With


First Aid HQ equips educators with the skills to respond swiftly to accidents, ensuring a safe learning environment. Training in First Aid promotes confidence among teachers, enabling them to manage emergencies with calm and efficiency. This is crucial in educational settings where the well-being of students is paramount. Our group sessions foster teamwork, ensuring staff can work together effectively during crises.

Child care

In child care, emergencies require a gentle, informed response. First Aid HQ training offers child-specific protocols, equipping staff with the knowledge to handle situations sensitively and safely. This not only safeguards children but also reassures parents that their little ones are in capable hands. Group training enhances communication skills, vital for coordinating in urgent scenarios.


Warehouses are prone to a variety of hazards. First Aid HQ training prepares employees to address injuries from machinery, lifting, and slips or falls. By learning in groups, teams build a cohesive safety culture, ensuring everyone knows how to prevent accidents and respond when they occur. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and promotes a culture of safety.


First Aid HQ training arms corporate employees with essential skills to swiftly manage office emergencies, ensuring a secure workplace environment. Training in First Aid boosts employee confidence, empowering them to handle health crises with competence and calm. This is vital in corporate settings, where quick and effective emergency response can significantly impact outcomes.


Electricians face unique risks, including electrical shocks and burns. First Aid HQ training tailored to these risks can be lifesaving, teaching quick, appropriate responses to electrical injuries. Group sessions encourage a shared responsibility for safety, fostering an environment where electricians look out for one another, enhancing overall workplace safety.


Architects, often on construction sites, encounter varied risks. First Aid HQ training covers scenarios from minor injuries to emergencies. Group learning fosters a safety-first mindset, crucial for architects to implement and advocate for in their projects, ensuring not just their safety but also that of future building users.


First Aid HQ teaches kids how to handle emergencies with age-appropriate content and engaging activities, promoting a culture of safety and preparedness for teachers and parents.


At First Aid HQ, we provide comprehensive First Aid training for both teachers and students. Our courses are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to act quickly and confidently in case of an emergency.


Tertiary institutions benefit from First Aid HQ's training by preparing staff and students for emergencies in diverse settings, from laboratories to sports fields. Group training encourages a community approach to safety, essential in the complex, dynamic environments of higher education.


For NDIS providers, First Aid HQ training is vital for addressing the specific needs of people with disabilities. Group sessions not only teach practical skills but also sensitivity and adaptability, ensuring care is both effective and respectful, enhancing the quality of support provided.


Engineering firms face both office and field-related risks. First Aid HQ training prepares employees for these diverse environments, with group sessions promoting a unified approach to health and safety, critical in mitigating risks in projects and daily operations.


Cleaning staff encounter chemical and physical hazards. First Aid HQ's training equips them to deal with these safely, preventing accidents and responding effectively when they occur. Group training fosters a culture of safety, crucial in this hands-on industry.

Dental Clinics

In dental practices, First Aid HQ training is essential for handling medical emergencies that may arise with patients. Group training ensures the whole team can respond appropriately, maintaining patient safety and trust in dental care environments.

medical Clinics

For medical clinics, First Aid HQ training enhances the staff's ability to manage emergencies, complementing their medical knowledge. Group sessions promote seamless teamwork in critical situations, ensuring patient care is swift and coordinated.

Yoga Studios

Yoga studios, emphasizing well-being, benefit from First Aid HQ training by preparing instructors to handle health emergencies calmly and effectively. Group training fosters a supportive, safe space for practitioners, enhancing the studio's commitment to holistic health.

Dance studios

Dance studios require First Aid HQ training to address the physical injuries common in dance. Group sessions teach instructors to provide immediate care, preventing injuries from worsening and promoting a culture of safety and care among students.

Sporting Clubs

Sporting clubs face a high risk of injuries. First Aid HQ training prepares coaches and staff to provide immediate, effective responses, crucial for athlete safety. Group learning strengthens team bonds and a shared commitment to health and safety, critical in the competitive sports environment.


Each industry benefits uniquely from "First Aid HQ" training, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and a proactive approach to emergencies. Group sessions enhance these benefits by fostering teamwork and a shared commitment to health and safety.

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